Fontal Details      

Fontal Lobe is a 3 weight font family available in .OTF .EOT .WOFF & .WOFF2. Developed for Latin European languages Released 2022

Handwriting by Thom Baginski
Typeface by Thom Baginski & Kyle Lynah
Fontal Features       

Added OpenType features offer a randomization and natural flexibility with setting type.

Fontal Lobe has four alternate glyphs for all English letters, ligatures, diacritics and extended latin characters. Learn more under Features.
Fontal Story      

In late 2016, creative director  Thom BaginskiThom Baginski had brain surgery. He lost a tumor in his cerebellum, but gained a unique style of handwriting. Thom had the idea to turn his handwriting into a typeface, Fontal Lobe. Working with Kyle LynahKyle Lynah, writing samples from Thom were transformed into the font.

OpenType features were added to give a more handmade touch to the font. The lightweight version was created to intentionally look & feel more like a pencil while the bold weight took on a round marker influence.